SimplePay started with a desire to create, innovate and improve, which permeates everything we do. We’ve brought craftsmanship to payroll software and put the “care” back into “customer care”.

Our system takes the headaches out of payroll for more than 35 000 companies across South Africa, Singapore, Ireland and Hong Kong – allowing them to produce accurate, compliant payroll and submissions with plenty of time left over to focus on what really matters: growing their own businesses.

It’s our mission to make the world more human and manageable and we’re looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals to help us continue the fight against mediocrity. We’re a fun and diverse group of people who enjoy solving problems, simplifying things and a bit of good banter. You can read more about the team here and get some insight into the dev side on our tech blog.

We have fully embraced the remote working model, having seen firsthand how beneficial it is to our employees. We strive to offer our employees the chance at better work/life balance, while saving them time and money. We go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring that our staff members are happy and thriving. We aim to be customer-centric when it comes to our software, and employee-centric when it comes to our culture. 

Some of the other benefits of joining our team include the peace of mind that we’re not going anywhere anytime soon, a collaborative and growth-oriented team, the scope to chart your own course within a supportive framework and being part of something constantly changing and innovating in order to make the lives of our clients simpler.